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lets go out of this place..make it happen

never gonna know never gonna know

and everyones here but your all alone
29 December
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My name is bryttany,and....i love ben

♥It's a beautiful day
Now I'll be ok that you're not away
Yesterday was a terrible day
But now that you're here I'm ok
Cause you don't know how much I,
I need you Please don't go You're so wonderful
This I swear, this I know

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You, oh you, every single thing you do
I'm so proud of you What you do
When you do the things you do
They're so you So thanks for your help
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You shine so bright
You are the star that's in my sky

And I am yours and you are mine
I'm so proud of you
That's so you
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"cross my heart, hope to die
i swear i won't say what happened that night
so starting today things are gonna be all right"
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